3.4 Permissions required. Any agreement involving the creation of a new partnership or affiliation with another institution to offer or organize a university credit course or offer studies must be approved in advance by the Regents Council and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. This requirement does not apply to affiliations that have been created to provide or deliver clinical learning experiences or other similar practical learnings as part of a course or curriculum proposed by the institution or unit. The purpose of this directive is to answer questions related to links with outside agencies or agencies and to explain the expedited process of related agreements. The conditions of employment at the UTS are determined by various laws, collective agreements, common law and university police, practice and statutes. Affiliation Agreement – used to establish a continuous type relationship with an external clinical or training site. 3.3 Non-standardized agreements. Non-standardized agreements must be submitted to the OGC for review and approval in form, for approval by the office of the appropriate Vice-Chancellor and for the approval of the Rain Valley. 4.1 Subject to a program agreement. A programme agreement is an agreement that is being implemented to implement a specific programme as part of an approved accession agreement.

A model program agreement developed by OGC is available at www.utsystem.edu/offices/general-counsel/purchasing-council. 4.2 The necessary authorizations. This program agreement can be used when a membership agreement has been reached between the institution and the training site, which establishes a permanent affiliation relationship with a clinical or academic training site. Program agreements are not subject to the approval of the Regents` Council. Agreements that use the standard form for program agreements are not subject to further revision or approval by the OGC or the corresponding Executive Vice Chancellor. 3.2 Standard agreements. In the event of the use of a „standard“ agreement, it is not necessary to submit the ogC agreement for verification and approval in the form of an authorization to the Executive Vice-Chancellor of the Office of Academic Affairs or Heath Affairs, or, if necessary, for approval of the Rain Valley. Programme agreement – implemented to implement a specific programme as part of an approved membership agreement. 3.1 Goal of an affiliation agreement. Reference agreements justify a training relationship with an external training or university centre. Affiliates may be program-specific or allow the implementation of other specific programmatic relationships through a separate program agreement (see below).

There is a standard affiliation agreement, the Education Experience Association, the OGC-SC1 on the Office of General Counsel (OGC) Standard Contracts Site. There are also agreements for foreign affiliations: the cooperation agreement with foreign institutions on university programmes, OGC-SC29; affiliation agreement with foreign institutions regarding university programs, OGC-SC121; and the proposed program agreement with the Foreign Institution Student Exchange, OGC-SC122. (d) the program requirements do not contain requirements that go beyond the requirements of the standard partnership agreement, the education experience agreement, OGC-SC1, on the OGC Standard Contracts website. (c) the program does not contain unfounded or compensated requirements and the industrial conditions of UTS staff employment are defined in the following letters: (b) the program does not involve an exchange of funds (where it is a contract required), 5.1 objective of a member letter or training.