(1) The aim of this Association Agreement is to promote a continuous and balanced strengthening of trade and economic relations between the parties in a level playing field and compliance with the same rules, in order to create a homogeneous European economic area, referred to as the EEA. (a) aid to promote economic development in regions where living standards are abnormally low or where there is serious underemployment; – serious disruptions in the labour market due to large-scale labour movements to certain geographical areas, certain types of jobs or industrial sectors, or the EC Commission ensures that EFTA experts are involved, as far as possible, in the preparatory phase of draft measures which will then be submitted to the committees that assist the EC Commission in the exercise of their executive competences , depending on the areas involved. In this context, the European Commission, on the same basis as the experts from the EC Member States, refers to experts from EFTA states in the development of draft measures. The notice in paragraph (c of Protocol 27) describes the programme or, if necessary, the aid programme concerned, including all the elements necessary for a proper evaluation of the programme or case (depending on the relevant elements of state aid, such as the nature of state aid, Destat, beneficiary, duration). In addition, the reasons for the opening of the procedure under Article 93, paragraph 2, of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community or the procedure related to it, defined in an agreement between the EFTA States establishing the EFTA Supervisory Authority, are also notified to the other Authority. The exchange of information between the two supervisory authorities is based on reciprocity. The parties exchange information and information on the implementation of this agreement and the effects of integration on economic activity and the implementation of economic and monetary policy. They can also discuss macroeconomic situations, policies and perspectives. This exchange of opinions and information is not binding. the term „sensitive“ to Article 56, paragraph 3 of the agreement is of importance in the Commission`s communication of 3 September 1986 on low-importance agreements that are not covered by Article 85, paragraph 1 of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (JO L303 of 16.12.1986, p. 1). Recalling the importance of developing the social dimension, including equal treatment between men and women, in the European Economic Area and in promoting economic and social progress and promoting conditions of full employment, improving living standards and improving working conditions in the European Economic Area; 2.