Sometimes, an independent employment contract for massage therapists provides for a non-competition clause. This section indicates whether the masseuse can serve customers within a certain radius of the company when she leaves the company. Where this provision is included, it usually covers a distance and a period. For example, the deal could be that the masseur can`t work for a place for a year within a 30-mile radius so as not to take customers away from the company. Articles X to XX reflect the rest of the provisions of this Treaty. The holder and the masseur are expected to behave in accordance with the content of these documents, so it should be considered essential that they include each article. The last point on which this document needs to be prepared is „XXI. The law in force. „Note here the name of the state in which this contract is maintained, in the empty field according to the terms „. Status of. The types of services offered by the masseur are usually included in an independent business subcontractor agreement, including the type of massage treatment and the expected hours. Equipment and some objects are involved in massage therapy, such as the therapy table, towels and sheets. The service sector in the contract may indicate who would be responsible for the supply of these items. In „II Term of Agreement“, the lifespan during which this working agreement is discussed.

We can quickly solidify this term by marking one of the three checkbox instructions and then providing the requested information. If the term of this agreement begins on a given calendar date and it exists (possibly) for an indefinite period, unless the company or masseur terminates it, activate the control box affixed to the words „Start Date“ printed in bold. If there is both a specific calendar date for the start of this order and a predefined termination date, select the „Start and end date“ checkbox. Two pieces of information are required for this selection. First enter the exact calendar date on which the contract will start in the first two blank lines, and then indicate in the next two blank lines the last calendar date on which the parties to the signature can be held. In some cases, none of these descriptions will appropriately indicate the timing within which this Agreement will require the parties to sign to its contents. The third box (called „Other“) contains an area where you can specify this definition directly. This contract is dated, _____