This metadata license agreement of Elemance PIPER (this agreement) applicable from the date of filing of the application (the date of effect) is entered into by and between Elemance, LLC, a limited liability company incorporated in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina, the United States („Elemance“), and the applicant organization („licensees“). Given the dissemination of data protection legislation and the current focus on data protection and cybersecurity, it is important to consider in the license the nature and sensitivity of the data to be provided, the measures that the data is required to protect and the potential liability of the licensee in the event of a data breach. The use of this data means that you are legally bound by the GLYNN County GIS data license agreement printed below. This end-user data licensing agreement („data licensing agreement“) is a legal agreement between you (the end user or „you“) and Trillium Software, Inc. including their affiliates and subsidiaries („solution provider“ or „we“/“we“). The terms and conditions of this data licensing agreement are intended for the use of third-party postal directory data, including, but not limited to all related attributes or codes (the „data“) that may be provided to you by the solutions provider for use exclusively with the solutions provider`s Trillium Software system® product suite (the „solution“) granted to you under the terms of the solutions provider`s licensing agreement. If the client`s licensee believes that the incidental use of the data by the seller and the licensee is acceptable, it must state in the agreement that you wish to access sensitive data and information and that the ministry undertakes to provide you with this data and information on the terms of this data licensing agreement („Agreement“). Both the data licensee and the licensee should take due account of legal and commercial considerations relating to the use of the data. The data licensing provider should review the rights it can grant in accordance with its business model. The licensee will generally try to limit the user`s use of the data. For example, when data is used by a credit licensee on behalf of a client licensee in a service relationship, the licensee typically provides :* In order to reduce the value of time, Data Republic provides a common legal framework for data exchange.