4.1.1. You can write or develop software, websites or other online services or technologies related to the Services (together „Applications“). Applications include images of machines containing software applications, libraries, data and associated configuration settings („AMIs“). You acknowledge that we may modify, demote or publish APIs from time to time (as defined in Section 6.1) for each service or function of a service, and that it is your responsibility to ensure that calls you make to a service are compatible with current APIs for the service. You also recognize that we may modify or remove service functions or functions at any time. Dacast`s rights in this contract for Dacast features, trademarks and services are not exclusive, and Dacast reserves the right to act as a developer of products or services related to products that you can develop in relation to Dacast properties or through your use of the Services; and (ii) to appoint third parties as developers or integrators of systems capable of providing products or services that compete with Dacast or your application. – if the revised terms apply to (a) all paid services that we add at the time of the review, (b) the Data Protection Directive, (c) the Authorized Use Directive, (d) all terms of use, (e) all other general conditions applicable to our services, websites or other features, or (f) a free service, then the amended conditions are effective at the time of publication (unless we expressly give something at the time of publication); and network connectivity streaming requires a robust network connection. Many sites on campus are equipped with such a connection, but there are several sites that are not. We urge you to contact us in time before each streaming so that we can help you work on sites of this ability and those that do not. When an event is to take place in a location without network functions, this will have temporal and budgetary consequences on access to networking. Here too, early notification is essential to ensure the success of an event. You can start using the Services as soon as you accept the terms of this Contract, by completing the process of registering your Dacast Web Services account and starting to use the Services and/or by clicking the „Accept“ button below.

The contract remains in effect until it is terminated by you or us in accordance with this section 3. 3.4.1. Immediately after our notification, in accordance with the provisions of Section 15, if: (i) you are attempting to launch a denial-of-service attack on one of the services; (ii) You are trying to hack or break a security mechanism for one of the services, or we have another way of determining that your use of Dacast Services or Features represents a security or service risk to us, to any user of the services we offer, to third parties on one of our websites or to one of our customers or to their respective customers, or may expose us or third parties to liability; (iii) you use services in other ways that disrupt or threaten services; (iv) you are late in your payment obligations; (v) there is an unusual spike or increase in your use of services; (vi) we establish, at our sole discretion, evidence of fraud in your account; (vii) use any of the Dacast content (as defined in point 6.1) or trademarks (as defined in section 6.2) that are not expressly authorized in this regard; (viii) we receive a notification or establish by other means that you are using Dacast services for illegal purposes or in a manner contrary to the law or that violates, violates or abuses the rights of third parties; (ix) we are in a position to decide, at our sole discretion, that our provision of any of the services is prohibited by existing legislation or that it has become unenforceable or unenforceable for legal or regulatory reasons; or (x) after their liquidation, when a liquidation procedure is opened, at the time of these