2.1 Your inclusion allowance can be used to make calls in the UK: a) Standard UK Fixed (only numbers 01, 02, 03 or 080). b) 07 numbers assigned to UK mobile network operators providing mobile phone services with significant national coverage (currently the six major O2, EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Three operators, as well as operators such as Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile and BT Fusion). 12.7 You must pay your monthly bill in accordance with this service agreement and (if applicable) a credit contract until the date indicated on the invoice. 3.1 If you change your mind after purchasing a SIM card and, if necessary, a mobile handset, you can inform us that you wish to cancel at any time within 14 business days of the date of receipt or withdrawal of the SIM card and, if necessary, the handset („Cooling time“). 2.3 Your inclusion allowance cannot be used for calls: a) from the UK or HFH destination to non-geographic numbers and free phone numbers from 05; (b) from the United Kingdom or from an HFH target to non-standard or „special“ 07 numbers (all 07 numbers that are not expressly included in your inclusion premium, i.e. not used for the provision of mobile services), numbers 076 and 070; c) from the UK or any hfh target to any numbering area that Tesco Mobile reasonably believes are used for call services, redirection services or numbers that pay a share of revenue. Examples of these numbers are 07744, 07755, 078225, 079879, 078730, 078931, 079118, 079112, 078930, 078921, 077000, 079245, 079246, however, require modifications; (d) the United Kingdom or an HFH target to tariff reference numbers and directories, where special taxes are incurred; 2.6 While we do everything in our power to send your SIM card and, if necessary, your mobile phone within seven business days of the date of your online or telephone order, we will not be held responsible if we do not do so partially or totally due to circumstances beyond our control. For orders with a mobile handset, a signature may be required during delivery. If necessary, it will be explained to you before you place your order.

You only pay the number below the amount due. Just below, you can also see the date on which we will take your payment from your bank account or your credit/debit card. 6.4 If you have a monthly pay-credit rate, each time you use your mobile phone for paid use, the charge related to your account will be reduced by the amount of paid usage. It`s up to you to decide how much charge to make on your account. If your account doesn`t have a top-up credit, you can continue to receive incoming calls (except incoming calls while roaming at an international destination) and use all available included credits, but you can`t make paid uses. 11.2 You agree: (a) to provide us with the information we reasonably request under this service contract and that all factual information you provide to us is accurate. (b) take reasonable precautions to prevent damage to your SIM card and mobile phone or unauthorized use or theft of the SIM card and mobile phone. (c) Use your SIM card, mobile handset and Tesco Mobile Pay monthly service in the manner described in user manuals or other instructions we publish. (d) that the SIM card remains our property at all times. (e) inform us as soon as possible by phone if the SIM card or mobile mobile card is partially lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed or can be used in an unauthorized manner, and cooperate with us in our appropriate security and other controls.