25. If health and safety in the workplace requires an overnight stay and compliance with your requirements listed in the offer for our representatives, the full fee will be passed on to the tenant. Find are only a party to the agreement for the payment of library tax, total rent and (if there are) fees paid and security deposit directly to Find by Hirer, and to avoid doubts, Find excludes any liability to the landlord and tenant and anyone occupying the property for any loss. , damages, receivables, fees, fees and third-party claims resulting from the booking and use of the property by the tenant and the rental of the property by the owner in accordance with all legal reservations of the property. 13. It is the tenant`s responsibility to have an unfavourable weather plan for any event that may be caused by weather or natural disasters. All appliances must remain sheltered from the elements and all items that are not usable due to weather conditions must continue to pay the full rental fee. Tahlula`s Event Hire does not guarantee that they can accommodate replacement equipment that has been rented due to weather conditions. If you enter into a lease, you should understand what it is, how it can benefit you and when you need to use one. According to the Copyright Act, which is in 17 U.S.C No. 101, rental work is a term used for a work, at para. B example, software created by someone who is employed or contracting independent of your company. 7.

Food, beverages or chewing gum are not allowed on or near the equipment. This is to avoid the risk of asphyxiation and disorder. (Please note that if the device is recovered in a dirty condition, then the tenant will be entitled to a cleaning fee). 29. This contract is terminated as soon as all costs have been paid to us and all the appliances have been returned to our warehouse. Note: Any notification that must be made in accordance with the lease agreement must be made in writing and transmitted personally or by sending prepaid or commercial courier or e-mail to the party who is required to receive the notification under the contact details indicated for the details mentioned above or, moreover, as stated in writing by the party concerned to any other party. Any notification is considered to be duly received if it is served in person, if it is maintained at the address and for the contact covered in this clause; If the delivery was sent by prepaid, the second business day after booking; When delivery is provided by a commercial courier, at the time and time the courier`s delivery bulletin is signed; the day you were received at the receiving location or (if not) at the beginning of the first business day during business hours, provided the sender receives a transmission document or proof of transit.